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When you sell your content on Crush you get 80% of the revenue. You can see your revenue and earnings in your earnings overview.


Exclusive Content Subscriptions

Keep your fans engaged with daily exclusive content. Share insights into your life and benefit from monthly recurring revenue.

Exclusive Content PPV

Upload images and videos to sell them as Pay-per-view on your profile page. This is the first of many ways to earn money.

Chat Subscriptions

Engage with your fans in private and secure enviroment. Your fans will love to talk to you on a personal level. With Chat Subscriptions you get monthly recurring revenue and your fans get to know you better.

Chat PPV

Creating a good reply can take time. Make sure you invest your time into the right things with Pay-per-view messages.


Extra support can mean a lot. Tips enable your fans to support you directly. Every bit helps and good work is rewarded generously.


Stay up to date on all your chats with notificiations on the lockscreen of your smartphone.

AI Tools

We offer industry leading AI Tools that help you to focus on the things that are important to you.

Coming Soon

Content Generator

Get access to our revolutionary AI system that automates your content generation. You'll never have to worry about doing it yourself again.

Phone Call

Connect with your fans in an intimate way by offering automated voice calls to their real phone numbers.

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80%of the revenue from your content
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